On July 11, 2013 at approximately 3:45 PM, two highly experienced whitewater kayakers put on the Potomac River at C&O Canal National Historic Park, "Great Falls", in Potomac, MD. The two boaters, Will Seeber and Shannon Christy, had the intention of kayaking down familiar lines of the Falls. Together, they paddled down to the starting area above the first drop. Shannon went first into the first drop of the Center Lines of the Falls, "Grace Under Pressure". From Will’s vantage point above, her entry into the waterfall looked normal. Will followed approximately fifteen seconds behind Shannon, only to find no sight of her at the base of the waterfall. Will proceeded into the second section of the Center Lines, "Ledges", thinking that Shannon had paddled down as if practicing a continuous run. While Will was approaching the final waterfall of Center Lines, "The Middle Finger", Shannon appeared, swimming out of her boat in full paddling gear. She was swept down the slide, "Hollywood Boulevard", rapidly approaching "Subway", which is a known deadly section of the run. The cause of Shannon’s swim is unknown. Will attempted to come to her aid, but could not reach her in time before the fast-moving currents pulled Shannon into "Subway". Will paddled down "The Middle Finger" in order to attempt to rescue Shannon. There was no sight of her. Minutes later, her PFD and helmet surfaced, still no sighting of her. After Will notified park rangers and onlookers at the shore, rescue crews arrived via motorized raft. Rescue personnel transported Will down the river to Old Angler’s Inn to speak with authorities, preventing him from continuing his search for Shannon. An extraordinary rescue effort was then led by professional kayakers, Steve Fisher and Jason Beakes. The sophisticated effort was executed by numerous kayakers who arrived on the scene to assist. Will returned to Great Falls to help the other kayakers in the rescue. The team was able to successfully extract Shannon’s body from a catastrophic underwater pin in "Subway" hours later.